Sphenoid Sinusitis

April 20, 2012 • sinusitis

Sphenoid sinusitis is a condition caused by infection or allergy caused in sphenoid sinus cavity, which is present within the skull and behind nasopharynx. It is termed as ‘forgotten sinus’, due to its anatomical position and problems associated with it. Sphenoid sinusitis is also termed as sphenoiditis and it can occur alone or in combination with multiple paranasal sinusitis.

The size and shape of sphenoid sinusitis differs in every human being. Even two sinuses in sphenoid pair are asymmetrical. It lies behind the nasal cavity and have border of cells having secretion of mucus, which prohibits the nose to dry from inside. The diseases related to sphenoid sinusitis are diagnosed, when complications become high.

Types and symptoms related to sphenoid sinusitis

Sphenoiditis is divided mainly into two types: Acute and Chronic. Acute case is asymptomatic and can be cured with regular medication. It requires medication for a few weeks and general sinusitis preventions. Chronic sphenoid sinus infection is rare and has a prolonged scope. It can be cured with strong medication and in some cases, surgical procedures. The complications of these sinusitis can be interlined with neuro, optic and vital vascular parts of body. It has become easy to get rid of infection and various medical procedures are involved to get rid of sphenoid sinusitis.

Sphenoid sinusitisThe common symptoms of sphenoid sinus infection are similar to other paranasal sinuses. It can show thick yellowish green mucus discharge, sore throat, stuffy nose, eye pain, bad breath, headaches and jaw pain. The main symptoms of sinusitis are dependent on location of infected sinus cavity. Headaches are very common in sphenoid sinusitis. Sphenoid sinus cavity protects skull and is interlinked to vision. Hence, whenever there is a symptom related to sphenoid sinus infection, you should rush to doctor to start medication.

Sphenoid sinusitis treatment and medications

Sphenoid sinusitis can be diagnosed by doctors though clinical observations and physical examination. They can accumulate the list of symptoms experienced by patients and decree sphenoid sinus infection. The treatments are based on sources of infection and time spam of infection inside the body. Medication responds well for acute sinusitis. However, chronic cases take prolonged treatment and at times, surgical procedures are involved for proper treatment.

There are some natural therapies, which can be followed to get rid of sphenoid sinusitis. These home remedies are successful in getting rid of infection from cavity without leaving any side effects. Sinusitis patients are advised to consume plenty of water and take steam regularly to prohibit accumulation of mucus, which ultimately acts as an incubator for multiplication of infection. Sinusitis in sphenoid cavity might lead to severe complications and it needs proper treatment to get rid of infection from its root.

To relieve from headache or specifically forehead pain, you can keep a hot pack over the head area or any other affected part, to get relieved from excessive pressure. There should be no overlooking done for any symptom related to sinusitis as it will lead to chronic condition of sinus infection, which is tougher to get cured. Sphenoid sinusitis can be treated well to get rid of pain and distress.

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