Can Sinusitis be life threatening?

November 26, 2012 • sinusitis

Sinusitis is a common problem faced by millions of people worldwide. Sinusitis is a term used for Sinus Infection. There can be two kinds of sinus infections arising in a person: Acute and Chronic. Acute sinusitis is easy to cure and it can be done through medications, home remedies or following several preventions. However, chronic sinusitis can be treated by surgical methods or prolonged medication.

Acute Sinusitis is caused by bacteria or allergy occurring in respiratory organs. If you get some infection by cold or other cases, it means that your problem has reached to a level of sinusitis. It can last maximum for 2 weeks and gets cured by medical therapy or natural healing system.

Chronic Sinusitis is another form, which is not exactly life threatening; but if ignored, can create too many problems for life. There are many people suffering from chronic sinusitis and it lasts for a few months.

The symptoms of acute and chronic sinusitis are: Erythema, breathing issues, nausea, bad breath, tooth pain, facial tenderness, fever, eye pain, ear ache, forehead pain, headache, sore throat. Sinusitis can become complicated, if you don’t see your doctor. It is not possible for everyone to sit at home and rest for the whole time to terminate illness. Natural therapies can be used to prevent the disease to spread further. Untreated sinus infections can even lead to death.

Major complications with sinusitis

  • Ethmoid sinusitis: Ethmoid sinuses are located between nose and eye sockets, and drain into nose. Ethmoiditis is the condition of infected ethmoid sinuses and its symptoms include headache, fever, eyelid dropping, bad breath and dilation in pupils.
  • Brain Infection: Sinus infection can become adverse and result in personality variations. It can lead to severe depression or even lead to brain infections, leading to coma or death.
  • Pott’s Puffy Tumor: It is caused by severe infection of frontal sinuses. This tumor is a caused by serious complication due to bacterial growth in frontal sinuses. It can even lead to death in severe conditions.

If you think that you are infected by sinusitis, you should not wait to see your doctor. They might diagnose the disease and make you get the right treatment. You can get better by dealing with sinusitis at early stages.

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