Can Sinus Infection affect your vision?

July 25, 2012 • sinus pain, sinusitis

Sinus infection and eye problems are inter-related in many cases. There are numerous people reporting their vision issues with sinus troubles. The usual eye problems faced are watery eyes, dull eyes and blurred vision, and these are associated with infections caused in sinus cavity. Paranasal sinuses are located near nasal cavity, close to eyes.

Paranasal Sinus locations

Ethmoid sinus: Between nose and eyes

Maxillary sinus: Cheeks

Sphenoid sinus: Behind ethmoid sinuses

Frontal sinus: Forehead- Above eyes

Paranasal sinuses are related to eyes in some or the other way. Vision is mostly affected by infection in sphenoid and ethmoid sinuses. In some cases, vision doubles up and in others, there can be blurred vision causing eye troubles to a person. These symptoms are not long lasting. There is pressure generated on optical nerves, which can have adverse impact on eyes.  You can get rid of eye infections by following correct treatment.

Chronic eye problems due to sinus infection

Osteomyelitis is a condition caused due to inflammation of ethmoid or frontal sinuses, and this problem mainly occurs in younger males. It might result in eye squint, pain or watery eyes. Frontal sinusitis might spread its troubles to inner eye socket, but it is not a common phenomenon. Eye infection caused by ethmoid sinusitis can accompany severe pain in head, nasal drainage or clogging, facial muscles, forehead or even ears. Eye pupil becomes dilated and blood clots travel to veins, which causes blurred or double image. These images are rare and caused only in a few cases.

Vision affects can be caused due to regular drainage of mucus. There is excess water and moisture developed in eyes, along with pressure generated due to inflamed sinus cavities. It subsequently leads to various eye related issues and you might feel uncomfortable in eye area.

Remedies to get rid of sinus infections in eyes

There are many medications prescribed by doctor, but some natural therapies can work well for curing your eye related problems initiated due to sinusitis. You can try nasal saline irrigation technique and make use of Neti Pot to get treatment for vision related problems. It mainly involves flushing off mucus and prohibits its accumulation in nasal cavity. It is basically a natural ayurvedic treatment used for curing nasal clogging. You can also try homeopathy as it can improve your vision and make you feel better. It is always advisable to get your sinus infections checked by a practitioner before starting any treatment.


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