Sinus Toothache

April 16, 2012 • sinus pain

Sinus toothache can be the resultant of a sinus infection. Sinus infection tooth pain can be highly painful and pressurize on the teeth root. It is often misunderstood as tooth problems and is hard to diagnose. There are many natural and medical ways to treat this problem. Primarily, it is essential to visit a doctor, if you find even a single hint about sinus toothache. There are different medicines to get cured from sinus infection and normal tooth decay problems. Doctors usually make no delay in starting medication for sinus infection tooth pain and make patients away from some severe infections.

The problem may arise with nose stuffiness, headache or fever. Sometimes, these things are not taken seriously and then infection spreads in cheek area. This results into sinus toothache as infected mucus damages teeth and makes infection grow deeper. You might have healthy teeth and maintain them with proper brushing, flossing and cleaning. Sinus infection tooth pain can be a horrible pain without any apparent reason. If you are sure that your teeth management is good and still you get pain, it is highly expected that you have sinus toothache.

Similarities Between Sinus Toothache and Painful Tooth Problems

There are many similarities between sinus toothache and painful tooth problems. The connection between sinus and tooth issues arises mainly due to Maxillary sinuses. It is a cavity inside cheeks and very close to upper jaw.

Bacteria, virus or fungus gets accumulated in the cavity and infection enters inside the cavity and mucus. There is no proper drainage from that area, which results in sinus infection tooth pain. There is a huge pressure exerted on your cheeks and tooth area and upper jaw gets highly affected. The infection will spread out and result into severe sinus toothache.

Frequently, people go to dentists and there is nothing clear from examinations too. There are certain symptoms related to sinus infection tooth pain and dentist knows it by hearing about your experience. Dentist will then refer patients to specialist to get treatment for sinusitis. The treatment will require a few days or weeks’ time, depending on the level of infection. Sinus toothache will vanish with proper medication. The blockage of sinus and infected mucus will get cured with time and sinus will be successfully treated. These medicines include antibiotics, decongestant and pain killers to cure sinus toothache and related problems. There will be eventual decrease in pain and it will completely stop after the course if completed.

There are some unfaltering and chronic cases related to sinus toothache and infection becomes excessive due to which it can’t be treated well even with medicine course. Ordinary toothaches are caused by dental issues and can be easily eliminated. Sinus infections are severe and require complex processes and time to get cured. There can be sinus toothache relief attained only if a person adheres to the advice of doctor. It is essential for sinus prone people to maintain a good immune system for avoiding sinus toothache issues.

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