Sinus Neck Pain

April 17, 2012 • sinus pain

Sinus neck pain is a common symptom observed in the case of sinusitis. Sinuses are sensitive and open cavities present behind eyes and nasal cavity. The open space is filled with mucus, which prevents foreign elements to enter into lungs. Sinus is sensitive and hence, it can become infected soon and get irritation and swelling. There are many allergens, pollutants, humidity and foreign infections in air. Sinus infection and neck pain have a correlation.  Sinus neck pain is the resultant of infection inside sinus cavity, which leads to pressure in face and neck area. Sinus infection and neck pain can create uneasiness and distress in the body of a patient.

Sinus Neck Pain Symptoms

Sinus neck pain is usually realized behind the neck area and is the impact of huge pressure created by sinusitis. It is a dull throbbing pain, which can impact various parts of head and make it heavy. Sinus infection and neck pain are at peak in beginning of the day and it’s a worst feeling to wake up in morning and get dizziness. It can even ruin your whole day.

Sinus pressure is generated with inflammation and infection inside sinus cavity. Inflamed sinus can cause excessive pressure on your head and back of neck, which even leads to facial pain, ear aches, jaw pains and nasal drainage. Sinus infection and neck pain are usually confused with migraine and cervical pain, due to very similar symptoms between both of them.

sinus neck painSinus neck pain can create excessive pain and pressure in the neck area. With more swelling in sinuses, a vacuum is created within the cavity, which exerts even more pressure. This affects muscles of head and neck, which stretches the back parts and results in muscle tightening and paining of back of neck.

Sinus Neck Pain Treatment

There are various ways suggested by doctors to treat sinus infection and neck pain. If the pain is extreme, pain suppressant will be helpful in reduction of pain. There are antibiotics and decongestants given to patients for controlling inflammation of sinus cavity and expulsion of infected mucus. Pain killers can relieve sinus neck pain and discomfort for a few hours, but decongestion and antibiotic pills have to be taken for cure of sinusitis.

There are various preventive measures required to be taken by patients for getting rid of sinus neck pain. They should be careful while moving to certain environments and stop eating some food items, which induces scope for creation of sinusitis. Like, some people can’t consume dairy products for the reason of generation of sinusitis. In primary signal of sinus neck pain, try to check your previous diet or atmosphere changes as they play a vital role in creating sinus pain.

Sinus neck pain should not be ignored and people suffering from it should consult a doctor immediately. Pain is a signal of infection, which can become severe with improper treatment. If neck pain is result of infection, doctor will give medicines for fighting off the infection. Any negligence in sinus neck pain complication can lead to spreading of infection to other parts, like head, eyes, brain and ears.

Sinus Neck Pain Natural Prevention

Apart from medicinal remedies, there are many natural ways to prevent sinus and neck pain. People having this problem commonly keep saline spray to nose for moistening sinus cavity. It is a natural way for recovering. Keeping a hot water bottle at back of neck can also relieve by loosening the muscles. There are professional masseuse having skills to rub facial muscles and back of neck to give relaxation from terrible sinus neck pain.

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