Natural remedies for severe Sinus Pain

September 23, 2012 • sinus pain

Sinus pain can become severe in many cases. The severity of pain depends on your body’s resistivity to bear pain and the extent of infection caused in your body. The priority should be to determine the cause of infection and then begin treatment for the same. Sinusitis can be caused due to allergies, common cold, bacteria, fungus or allergens in air. There are many natural treatments available to cure sinus pain.

Natural cures for Sinus Pain with severity

  • Decongestants can be effective for people having excessive blockage in sinus cavities. If you are following doctors prescribed medications, they have to be strictly followed under guidance of your doctor. Some natural decongestants can be used to unclog your sinus cavity.
  • Sinus pain can be due to allergic reaction. You can take natural anti-allergen products to feel better and get reduction in pain.
  • Hot shower or steam inhalation is effective for most of cases. It can help your nasal cavity to get unclogged easily and you can get relieve from severe pressure caused by sinusitis.
  • Air humidifier in room is effective to maintain moisture levels inside nasal cavity and it can avoid your nose from drying up.
  • Anti-inflammatory products can be used as natural measures to reduce sinus pain and swelling.
  • Hot compression on affected areas can help in reduction of sinus cavity inflammation. You can lie down on your back and place hot compress over your eyes for 15-25 minutes. The procedure can be done on most affected areas to get rid of sinus pain.
  • Severe sinus pain along with nasal drainage can cause severe sinus infection and you will be required to treat it very carefully. Make sure that your nose is never stuffed up with mucus and consult your doctor for examining your condition. In some cases, you will have to go for medicines to get cured.
  • Saline nasal drops can be helpful in unclogging your nose. The mucus inside your nose can be prevented from drying up and you will feel comfortable by preventing the infection to spread in your nose.
  • Neti pot treatment can help in clearing nasal passages and avoids thickening of mucus inside the sinus cavity. It can also relieve sinus pain and make you comfortable.

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