Jaw Pain Sinus Infection

April 17, 2012 • sinus pain

Jaw pain sinus infection is caused due to infection in maxillary sinus cavities and it’s associated mucous. Sinus jaw pain can be caused by inflammation, redness and pain the attack of virus, fungus, bacteria or allergens. Maxillary sinus is situated beneath eyes and cheekbone area. The main cause of sinus jaw pain is the inflammation caused in the lining of maxillary sinus cavity, which causes septicity in jaws. This pain even reaches tooth and a person becomes unable to speak, smile and eat properly.

The pain cause of jaw pain sinus infection is lack of appropriate oral cleanliness. The shape of our jaws and teeth is in ‘U’ form and it is connected to maxillary sinus. Bacterial growth generates in gums and teeth of people, who usually ignore oral hygiene. Jaw pain sinus infection is relatively easier to diagnose by doctors than other forms of sinus pains. In this case, cheekbones are also affected and they become swelled and painful. It might cause pain inside jaws and even shows on outside skin.

Generally, people confuse sinus jaw pain with dental pain, but both of them are variable and have different treatments. Jaw pain sinus infection occurs only in upper jaws as they are only associated with maxillary sinus cavity. General dental pain can persist in any part, but sinus jaw pain can be caused only on upper side. It might result in swelling and redness of gums.

Jaw Pain Sinus Infection Treatments and Remedies

jaw pain sinus infectionJaw pain sinus infection is treated like other sinuses. Usually, doctors recommend antibiotics course, pain killers and other medications for it. In some extreme cases, surgery is required through which, infected mucous is removed from maxillary sinus cavity. It is recommended by doctors to brush twice a day and floss regularly. Oral hygiene is not the solitary cause of jaw pain sinus infection. It might be caused due to cavity inside teeth and infected gums due to some fungus, virus, bacteria and allergy. It can stress your jaws and worsen the condition of your gums and teeth.

You will be able to find many home cures for sinus jaw pain. People usually soak their mouth guard in hot water and keep them before going to their beds at night. This reduces pain and inflammation and gives comfort to affected people. It is a useful way to get rid of excessive pain and sleep comfortably.  People suffering from jaw pain sinus infection need to eat soft food with little bites, prohibit the usage of dental gum, eating properly and consume proper medicine. Internet can help you to check different medicinal and home remedies to reduce sinus jaw pain.

Jaw pain sinus infection can be unbearable and result in severe headache and even fever. The pain and sickness level will depend on your level of infection. It is always beneficial not to delay your visit to doctor as infection multiplies tremendously and you can get affected badly by experiencing discomfort caused due to excess jaw pain sinus infection.

People usually visit dentists in these cases as they are confused between normal tooth problems and sinus problems. They will give you several treatments and expose you to various treatments to get rid of discomforts related to cold or hot pressurization on your jaw area. Self-medication will not always help in sinus pains as it is a complicated process and won’t get well with your normal processes. Jaw pain sinus infection can be treated only with the help of proficient doctors and regular medication, along with some precautions in daily life.

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