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Ethmoid Sinus Inflammation: What is it all about?

July 9, 2012 • sinus inflammation

Ethmoid sinus inflammation is the soreness and swelling caused in mucus lining of sinus cavity. Ethmoid sinus cavity is located in paranasal cavity, in between eye socket and inside the upper portion of nose. They drain into nasal cavity. This sinus cavity consists of ethmoid nerves having thin structure. The main purpose of these nerves is to produce mucous, which can prevent the nostrils from drying up.

Ethmoid inflammation can be acute or chronic and can be induced by allergens, viruses or bacteria. Some people are affected by pollutants in environment and get lots of troubles due to dusty or environmental contamination.

What are Ethmoid Sinus inflammation indications?

Patients suffering from Ethmoid sinusitis experience many different factors. They might get frequent nasal discharges, malaise, regular headaches or even feverish feeling. They mainly get painful experience around eye area.

People going through symptoms of Ethmoid Sinus Inflammation can undergo a diagnosis by doctor. There are different tests conducted for getting signals of this condition. There can be physical or mucus accumulation inside nasal cavity, which results in inflamed cavity. In some cases, WBC count is also considered for getting better physical examination.

What steps can be taken for diagnosing Ethmoid Sinus Inflammation and Infection?

In acute cases, medicines and home remedies can give quick results for treating ethmoid sinusitis. There are many remedies to reduce inflammation and unclog nose. The pain caused due to Ethmoid inflammation can be avoided by eliminating the cause of infection. In some cases, there is surgery required to get rid of inflammation of sinus cavity. There are various critical situations requiring surgical measures, like transantral ethmoidectomy, external ethmoidectomy and intranasal ethmoidectomy.

Your present condition would illustrate the need of advancement of treatment. The decision of your surgeon will be most important in such case. The success rate of surgery is 50-99% (Depending on cause and surgery procedure). There are additive precautions and therapies required to treat Ethmoid inflammation and get rid of swelled or infected mucus. Don’t begin any treatment or medication course without consulting your physician. It ensures that right diagnosis is made to determine the correct treatment of condition. Surgery is not the only option and you can find out various natural ways to eliminate worst symptoms of Ethmoid sinus infection.

Physician’s Analysis & Examinations

Doctor will take patient’s medical history and perform various physical examinations by tapping areas around nasal cavity. X-Ray can give clear view of inflammation and CT-Scans can show Ethmoid inflammation very clearly. Examination through endoscope can be referred for patients having some polyp or anatomical abnormalities in nasal cavity.

It is essential to know the underlying cause of ethmoiditis to get it cured in an appropriate way. Doctors will try to find out the exact cause and give treatment accordingly. There is different medication for every case. Consult a specialist to get preeminent treatment for Ethmoid Sinus Inflammation.

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