Sinus Headaches can be Relieved within Minutes

October 26, 2012 • sinus headaches

minutes-relief-for-sinus-headacheSinus headaches are very common for sinus patients. Sinus headache can be relieved temporarily or permanently, depending on the state of problem. Permanent relief is always preferred, but at times, the problem reaches to a certain level through which sudden relief is not possible. At times, sinus patients might experience excessive headache and require permanent relief. You need to be sure that whether your headache is due to sinusitis or migraine.

Temporary relief from sinus infections can be done through keeping sinus passages open and away from mucus. It can reduce the pressure and remove the cause of sinus infections.

 Sinus Headaches Relieving Methods


  • Drain your sinuses and get rid of mucus by eating jalapeno pepper, whenever you feel that you are clogged up with mucus.
  • Eucalyptus or peppermint steam can be helpful in draining mucus. It can also reduce inflammation and cause better impacts for sinuses.
  • Paste of dry ginger and water can be a wonderful treatment for curing sinus infection.
  • Hot bath and cold compression to head can be effective to cure headaches.
  • Use of saline nasal sprays (home prepared or purchased from chemist) can be helpful in reducing headaches by clearing off sinuses.
  • Fine cinnamon mixed with water can be placed on forehead for protection against cold weather and hence, sinus effects.
  • Herbs like Devil’s Claw, Feverfew, Skullcap, and Willow Bark can reduce sinus headaches.
  • Keep a balanced diet. Don’t consume foods forming mucus. Reduce consuming dairy products, sweets, liquor, cold and oily food, fried food and tobacco intake to avoid sinus congestion.
  • Your immunity should be highest. Try to include green vegetables, juices, Vitamin C, D and E containing products.
  • Take balanced diet. Don’t over eat or irregularly eat and avoid eating at odd times.
  • Reduce stress and lead a positive life. Trust in God for everything and don’t take too much stresses on your head.
  • Deal with asthma and allergy attacks ASAP.
  • Stay away from cold and flu and it can exert pressure on nasal passages. Use of Echinacea can be good to get rid of recurring colds.
  • Inhale steam thrice or even five times a day. Your nasal passages will open and you will feel better with steam in-take.
  • Homeopathy can help many people to reduce sinus headaches. It is a gradual treatment, but has long term impacts on the body.[/list_arrow1]

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