Acid Reflux Sinus Congestion

April 20, 2012 • sinus congestion

Symptoms and Detailed Information that You Need to Know

acid reflux sinus congestionAcid reflux sinus congestion is known as Gastro-esophageal reflux disease (GERD) in common terms. It is mainly categorized by irritation in esophagus lining by acid present in stomach. The general symptoms of acid reflux sinus congestion are regurgitation, nausea and heart burning sensation. The other symptoms may be bad breath, bad taste in mouth, excessive burping, pain while swallowing, sore throat and hoarseness. If you are getting any of these symptoms, you might get a false indication of acid reflux sinus congestion.

Acid reflux sinus congestion is a chronic condition of sinus, which mainly occurs when acid on stomach passes up through esophageal walls and cause tissue damage and painful experience. There are many complications developed in esophagitis with this congestion. The main reason of developing this congestion is due to acid reflux and acid entering into nasal cavity due to nasal passages and mouth vicinity. There are many studies conducted on acid reflux sinus congestion and recent ones indicate the sinus and acid reflux are interlinked due to acid reflux action.

Acid reflux sinus congestion has got a further subgroup, called extraesophageal reflux (EERD) or laryngopharyngeal reflux (LPR). This doesn’t produce any heartburn, but has impact on larynx and respiratory system. It is called silent reflux and is categorized by stomach acid, which finally associates with larynx and throat area. LPR symptoms are chronic throat, pain while swallowing, postnatal drip, asthma and hoarseness. If these symptoms are ignored or untreated, it can produce scar tissue in voice box and throat.

What Exactly Causes Acid Reflux Sinus Congestion

The main cause of sinusitis is blockage in sinus cavity, which might develop due to allergens or any other kind of infection. There can be inflammation caused in sinus cavity, which might result in painful experience and irritation. Sinusitis becomes worse when bacteria inside the cavities get multiplied. Facial pressure and neck pain are other symptoms associated with acid reflux sinus congestion.

Acid reflux develops with abnormal changes in lower esophageal sphincter, which acts as an obstacle between esophagus and stomach area. This keeps sphincter away from stomach acid and it backs to throat or nasal cavity. Acid reflux sinus congestion creates inflammation and infection in unprotected areas against acid exposure. Gastric acid leaves negative impacts by running through the throat area and causes infection growth in pharynx.

What can Happen if not Treated

The interconnection between sinusitis and acid reflux action arises from diagnosis of GERD or LPR. Gastric acid pools up in back of throat area and causes reflex action and causes long term damage. If left untreated, the problem can cause asthma, bronchitis and several other problems. There are various medications used for correcting acid reflux action. Physicians primarily recommend antacid for neutralizing and preventing heartburn. Acid reflux sinus congestion can be cured by reducing the acid production in stomach. There might be cases in which a person doesn’t respond to a particular medication and they are preferred some other counter medicines. Diet change can be helpful in repairing esophageal sphincter and antacids can relieve acid flux symptoms.

Simple Treatments for Acid Reflux Sinus Congestion

Oral medications are given to patients in normal cases and injections are given to get immediate relief from acid reflux problems. Recurrent problems can be avoided by controlling diet and using home remedies to get treatment. Acid reflux sinus congestion can be cured by using effectual medication and implementing some home remedies to get rid of acidity and congestion.

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