Sphenoid Sinuses

April 19, 2012 • Paranasal sinuses

Sphenoid sinuses are present in body of a human, which can have variable sizes and shapes. It is asymmetrical due to displacement of prevailing septum. Sphenoid sinuses come under category of paranasal sinus, which lies behind nose area. There are cells associated with sphenoid sinuses, which have the major function of secreting mucus. Sphenoid bone has two large sphenoid sinuses.

Sphenoid sinuses are present in area below eyes and nasal cavity. Any infection arising in lining of sinus or mucus inside it caused extreme headaches. Generally, sphenoid sinusitis is divided into two major types, namely acute and chronic. Chronic sphenoid sinuses infection is common and needs proper treatment. Any delays in treatment can lead to development of infection. There are interlinked complications associated with chronic sinusitis. Acute sphenoid sinuses can be interlinked with nervous or optical problems.

Sphenoid Sinuses Treatment

sphenoid sinusesThere are several medications available for treating sphenoid sinusitis. In general cases, the problem gets cured with medication courses. Surgical treatment and endoscopy is essential for severe cases. Sphenoid sinuses can create complicated problems and relatively are tough to diagnose. It is often termed as unforgotten sinus due to anatomical sinus position. Sphenoditis is a common term used to refer to sphenoid sinus. This sinus can involve other sinuses and is called parasinusitis.

Modern medicines are effective enough to terminate infection in sinus cavity. There are antibiotic courses specifically meant to cure sphenoid sinuses. It is a common sinusitis location and people having infection often don’t worry about its specific type. It is deepest of all sinuses and hence, tough to be cured.

Symptoms That You May Be Having

The major symptoms of sphenoid sinusitis include severe headache, pressure on head and neck, sinus drainage from nose or fever. It is often confused with general headache or common cold. Sinus infections are non-contagious. If you think that lying down or bending can help you, then you are wrong. You might worsen your headache by applying any such techniques.

What Exactly Causes Sphenoid Sinuses Issues

The cause of sphenoid sinuses infection can be fungus, allergens, bacteria or viruses. There can be worst impact of these infections and once it becomes too active, it is hard to control them. Natural home remedies might work, but it might not give best approach to deal with worsened sinus infections. Medications can work on the chronic cases, but home treatments should be followed to get rid of sinus from root cause.

The main aim behind taking these medications is to open nasal passages for drainage. There is endoscope used for sinus surgeries and surgeons look forward to get rid of infection on walls of sinus cavity and drain off infected mucus inside it. If any time you feel that you are getting sinusitis symptoms, don’t wait to go to your doctor. Sinus headache gets fine within 1-3 days with proper medicines and rest. Start taking natural treatments with even a small symptom of sinusitis. At times, it stops growing and act as sinus busters in early stages. Try to catch sphenoid sinuses infection and get it treated, before it takes a full hold on you.

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