Sphenoid Sinuses infection

Evaluate Sphenoid Sinuses Infection & its Impacts

July 17, 2012 • Paranasal sinuses

Sphenoid sinuses can get infected due to its asymmetrical shape and size in humans. It is variable in size due to lateral displacement of septum and comes in the category of paranasal sinusitis. Sphenoid bone consists of two large sphenoid sinuses, which have bordering with cells and secrete mucus, prohibiting nose from drying up.

Impact of sphenoid sinus

Sphenoid sinus infections occur in body of a person and mainly present in eye and nasal area. It can cause a huge pain in head and specifically, forehead area. The pain might become unbearable and is commonly misunderstood as migraine. It even impacts eyes and can cause eyebrow ache. You might not be able to tolerate the pain and hence, analgesics are referred by doctors to get rid of excessive pain and antibiotics are given to cure infection sources.

Types of Sphenoid Sinusitis

Sphenoid sinusitis can be divided into two types: Acute and Chronic. Acute cases are beginner cases and a person might not notice any prominent symptom of disease in this stage. However, chronic case is common and develops very rapidly from acute stage. The complications of sphenoid sinuses are interconnected with neurology, eye problems and vascular issues of the body. Acute diseases can be cured with home therapies or mild medication, but chronic cases might require tough medication courses and even require surgery in critical cases.

Sphenoid Sinuses Infection Treatment

Sphenoid sinusitis requires a blended medication, i.e. natural therapies and prescribed physician medication. Homeopathy also works in a great way for some people. There are many surgical approaches, like transspectal and External ethmoidectomy, adopted to open sphenoid sinus cavity and free it from clog.

You can also choose some modern medication to get cured. Natural therapies do work, but it can’t immediately give a positive impact on the body. However, it is feasible to cure the infection permanently by choosing herbal or natural therapies. You can permanently say a Good Bye to Sphenoid Sinusitis by handling it in the most preferable way. Build a strong body immunity to prohibit the chances of recurrence of disease. You can also visit our sinusitis treatment page for more information.

Sphenoid Sinus: A forgotten sinus

Sphenoid sinuses are also termed as forgotten sinuses due to their position in the body and symptoms depicting the disease. The disease is normally recognized at higher levels (chronic level). There can be inflammation caused in sphenoid sinuses and the condition is called sphenoid sinusitis or sphenoiditis. The disease might have involvement of multiple level sinuses and accompany other forms of sinusitis, along with sphenoiditis.

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