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Natural Infant Decongestant Remedies: Treat your kids naturally

August 13, 2012 • Nasal decongestants

Infant decongestants are meant to relieve kids from the problems related to sinusitis or blocked nasal cavity. Stuffy nose can interfere with eating and sleeping of a child and make them irritable and uncomfortable. Doctors can’t recommend hard or strong medications for infants and rely on only OTC decongestants for kids, especially lower than the age of 5.

Some infant decongestants remedies are given below


  • Humidifier or Vaporizer: Some infants have narrowed nasal passages, which can get dried easily. This problem mainly prevails with newborns. Doctors recommend keeping an adequate moisture level of room for preventing drying up of nasal cavities. Steamy shower or warm bath for infants once or twice daily can provide the similar impact. It is a temporary way to prohibit nasal congestion and give relief to infants with congested noses.
  • Saline spray or drops: Nasal drops or sprays can flush out the irritants or any dried mucus inside your nasal cavity. There are specialized saline drops available for infants and parents can check out with pediatrician regarding the use of these drops. Saline water solution can be also prepared at home by adding 1/4th tsp of salt in half cup of warm water. A dropper can be used to insert this solution into nostrils of infant and it can be done 2-3 times in a day. You can wait for 30-50 seconds before rolling the baby to stomach side and the mucus will automatically drain off. Repeat this procedure with other nostril too.


Many doctors prescribe the use of nasal bulb or infant aspirator for removal of mucus. You can squeeze air out of bulb and place it into nostril tip, after application of saline water drops. After every use, clean the bulb with lukewarm and soapy water, to keep it bacteria free.


  • Elevated head: You can make little alterations on sleeping or resting pattern of babies during naps or night sleep. Raised head would always benefit to prohibit congestion and making mucus turn down from nose. It can be done by doing height adjustment of head with respect to your rest body parts.
  • Steam inhalation: Steam inhalation works well for infants. It can loosen the mucus and help in easy drainage. You can give steam to infants, while they are taking sleep as they will not directly inhale steam and become restless. Instead, steam can be given from a little distance, which can’t hamper comfort level of infant.


Infant decongestant remedies have to be mild and natural therapies work well for kids.

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